How to SAFELY choose a Vampire Facial (or microneedling provider)

How to SAFELY choose a Vampire Facial (or microneedling provider)

I feel the need to write this article because of the latest news in the media:

The short story is a spa in New Mexico did not have proper protocols in place and non sterile items were utilized during patient procedures.  This is not only entirely avoidable, it is downright negligent.  Anyone performing this type of procedure should know proper procedures and protocols to be handling blood or other bodily fluids.  However, as a client it is almost impossible to tell if your provider is following proper procedure, so I’ve compiled a list of things to watch for when selecting a Vampire Facial or microneedling provider.

  1. Are they an RN, NP, PA, MD or DO?

I have met a lot of amazing aestheticians in my day, but unless they have gone on to do additional blood precaution and phlebotomy training, please be super careful.  If the provider has one of those medical initials behind their names, those basic precautions and protocols have been drilled into their heads over and over again.  Other educational programs don’t necessarily include bloodborne pathogen education

  1. Do they have additional aesthetic training?

Along with amazing aestheticians, I have also met some pretty lame other medical professionals that start performing aesthetic services without any additional training.  This is less of a safety issue and more of a results issue.  While you are probably safe, your results may not be as significant as someone who has really educated themselves in the procedure.

  1. What device are they using?

I cannot say this enough: microneedling can, unfortunately, mean a wide variety of devices and services and they are not even close to created equal.  If someone comes anywhere near your face with a dermal roller – please run away –  literally run out of the door.  Dermal rollers are impossible to completely sterilize between patients and the results from these types of devices and far inferior to a medical grade device.

I use the SkinPen.  The only FDA approved device on the market.  Each tip is in a sterile package that is used once per procedure and then properly disposed of.  It has been proven to have no cross-contamination from patient to patient through intense rigorous studies with the FDA.  There is simply not a safer or more efficacious device on the market.  Since it is a powered device the number of micro punctures are significantly higher than most other devices meaning the ensuing collagen stimulation is well above other devices.

  1. Will they show you your supplies?

I had a client ask me about the news the other day and I had no problem showing her all of her supplies in their sterile packaging.  From sterile needles, syringes, blood draw kit, SkinPen tip/cover, I was happy to show her anything and everything I was going to use on her face.  If your provider doesn’t want to show you the ‘back room’, this is another reason to please leave that office.

  1. Do you feel comfortable?

As with most things in life, listen to your gut.  If you don’t feel comfortable, or if the office doesn’t seem clean, ask for a simpler facial (one that doesn’t break the skin) or simply leave.  Your health isn’t worth the risk.

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